We're so glad you've chosen to check-in and hope you will continue with us on your journey through Paint World .... and Beyond!

You may already know that we want to provide you with the best information, service and products to ensure that you can do your best to produce the results you want in terms of appeal, quality and endurance for each project. Let's face it, there's always another project and the paint world is always changing (there really is no escaping change, is there?). The majority of paint today is water based in order to adhere to government and environmental standards. If you were an oil based paint fan in the past, we carry a lineup of products that compare or exceed the qualities oil brought, while eliminating the literal "headache." It's true, from Benjamin Moore's paints to Sansin's wood care products to Chemcraft's professional coatings to a range of "ecopoxies." Can you imagine, not only the joy of fresh paint and a beautiful outdoor living space ... but a home-grown "live edge" table .... ? And we haven't even gotten to the Beyond part. 

What else is exciting? We're continuing to carry popular board games like Dutch Blitz, Qwirkle and Settlers of Catan. Board games have stood the test of time because they're fun and they're easy ways of socializing. Board games are also very useful tools for education and even for mental development and manual dexterity. In an era of big business, well-loved games and toys get dropped from production lines or become difficult to find through distributors. We do our best to track them down and keep them on our shelves for you to purchase for yourselves or as gifts. 

Preferences for games can be as varied as preferences for paint colours and can even change over time so it's also exciting for us to come across new games during our explorations ( and thanks to your many requests) to help you satisfy your socializing needs for a little friendly competition ... or to just wind down quietly at the end of the day. If you've already got the classic board games, take a look through the expanded and re-organized array of games and discover a new gem. Be sure to share with others! 

We are certainly looking forward to sharing more of our products, discoveries and project snapshots with you in future posts. Until next time, all of us at Janzen's Paint and Decorating Ltd. wish you success in your project-or playtime. 

unINK Creative