Sprayers and Acccessories


Graco Ultra 395 Tallboy

The Ultra 395 PC's is Graco’s most popular small electric sprayer. Proven technology and design make it perfect for professionals who daily spray a wide range of coatings.

Outfitted with the proven Graco Endurance Pump, these pumps feature long life V-Max Blue Packings, a Chromex Rod, and a hardened stainless steel cylinder. The hammer access inlet valve makes it easy to clean or clear debris. This sprayer is great for all of the typical household materials, including latex, primers, stains, lacquers, enamels, and more.

  • The Ultra 395 PC features ProConnect - Fast and Easy on-the-job Pump Replacement System.
  • The 395 sprayer features a DC motor with a lifetime warranty.
  • Equipped with Smart Control 1.0 electronic pressure.

Equipped with a swivel inlet suction hose to easily reach buckets. It is easily removed without tools, for cleaning or accessing inlet ball, and is made of durable aluminum to be lightweight and rust free. 

Like the rest of the current Graco Contractor Series sprayers, the 395 PC airless has an Easy Out Pump Filter which filters from the inside out, so it won't collapse or get stuck when removed. Also, the filter comes out with the cap for less mess to help ease cleaning. Replacement filters are available in several mesh sizes to help fine-tune your sprayer to the material you are spraying.

The Graco FTx 2-finger gun that comes with this sprayer has an in-gun filter that resides in the handle to help ensure a clean spray. Replacement filters are available in 2 mesh sizes - standard 60 mesh for most applications and 100 mesh for fine-finish work.





Graco Classic 390 PC Electric Airless Sprayer

The ideal sprayer for residential jobs and the best value in small electric sprayers

The next generation of CLASSIC sprayers has now been upgraded with ProConnect. This fast and easy on-the-job pump replacement system makes the most reliable small electric units even more valuable. 

The 390 CLASSIC PC with brush motor is a reliable workhorse built for professionals just "starting out." It’s the ideal sprayer for residential jobs. Proven Endurance pump technology on all CLASSIC models makes it perfect for professionals who frequently spray a wide range of interior coatings.

The CLASSIC has been tested and approved to spray a wide range of lacquers, acrylics, primers, enamels, varnishes, and acrylic interior paints out of the bucket.


Graco Merkur Air-Assist and Airless Packages

High-Performance Fine Finish Pump Packages to improve productivity, reduce costs, and lower emissions.

Achieve the right flows at the right pressures to fit all of your spraying needs. With four air motor sizes and 13 different models to choose from, the new and improved Merkur fine finish pump packages are designed to improve productivity, reduce costs, lower emissions, and consistently provide high-quality finishes for all of your demanding applications. 

  • The Merkur pump packages are proven to outperform and outlast other pumps in their class.
  • Highest technology air motor on the market
  • Low air consumption for increased efficiency
  • Muffler provides low operating noise levels
  • External valve access allows for easy servicing and online replacement to minimise downtime
  • Operator Control Panel located at operator height for secure setting and monitoring
  • Throat seal and rod enclosure protects pumped material and wet cup from contamination but can be easily removed to monitor and service



15C25 Airmix® System Package, Wall Mount, comes with an Xcite™ 120 spray gun with 5-gallon rod.

  • Kremlin CART MOUNT 15C25 Pump
  • Xcite Spray Gun 
  • 25' Air & Fluid Hoses
  • Five Gallon Siphon
  • Constant delivery and pulse-free for a superior finish
  • Priming at very low air pressure (0.6 bar/1305 psi)
  • Large foot valve handles high viscosity materials up to 5,000 cPs
  • The best air-assisted airless technology on the market



Graco Ultra Max Cordless Airless Handheld Sprayer

Pros agree. Airless handheld sprayers are the essential tool for turning small jobs around fast. Industry-tested Graco Ultra handhelds are the most advanced in the world, delivering unbeatable speed, flawless finish, and next-use reliability.

Ultra airless handheld sprayers are explicitly designed for small interior, exterior, and speciality projects. The real advantages of the Ultra handheld sprayers are the Perfect Airless Finish, ultimate portability on the job, and that it is ready to spray in seconds. Painting contractors can easily spray those small jobs without having to start-up their larger airless sprayer.



The A-928 HVLP spray gun is designed for fine furniture finishing, auto body shops, metal fabrication shops, contractors, and hobbyists. The metal gun is durable and has a large pot opening for easy cleaning. Spray fan control is adjusted at the top back, a horizontal and vertical pattern is controlled at the air cap, and material flow is controlled at the back of the gun. Materials which can be sprayed include varnish, urethane, lacquer, automotive paint, epoxy, enamel, stain, latex, oil base, multi-colour etc. The gun comes with a 1-quart container, and can also be used with an optional 2 quart or 2-1/4 gallon remote pressure pot. The fluid needle and seat are made of stainless steel, and the entire gun can be placed in a gun cleaning cabinet. The gun is supplied with a 1.4 mm general purpose nozzle for materials such as varnish, stain, and enamels (latex and oil base require some extra thinning). Other sizes available separately, see parts list in the back of the book.