Sansin Classic 1

Sansin Classic 1

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Sansin Classic 1

High-performance penetrating system for log homes.

Classic is the ultimate finish for logs and big timbers – easily maintained, it can keep wood beautiful literally for decades. This low-lustre three-coat penetrating formula not only enhances the natural beauty of wood, it also allows it to breathe. A log home requires more than protection from sun and rain – the sheer size of the wood demands a coating that “breathes” freely to prevent moisture from getting trapped and rotting the log from within.

Not surprisingly, Classic works just as well on other exterior vertical surfaces, like shakes, shingles, siding, and fences. Whatever the application, your wood will be protected with an ultra-violet (UV) and water-repellent shield of lasting and remarkable beauty. Classic is easy to apply – with simple soap and water clean-up – and easy to maintain. Simply apply a maintenance coat of Classic 3 to protect and maintain a perfect finish. Because it uses water to carry modified natural oils deep into the logs, Sansin Classic can be applied even to a wood with a high moisture content – particularly useful for log homes where moisture levels of up to 25% are common. By comparison, most water- and solvent-based coatings can only be applied to surfaces with moisture content conditions of 18% or less, and once applied they are more likely to trap moisture deep within the logs.

If you’re looking for the absolute best coating for a log home and big timber, the Sansin Classic system provides exceptional exterior wood protection anywhere beautiful colour, low maintenance, and a natural low-lustre, breathable finish is desired.

CLASSIC 1: Sansin Classic 1 is the first coat in the Sansin Classic system when natural wood tones are desired.

CLASSIC 2: Sansin Classic 2 is the second coat in the Sansin Classic system. Classic 1 is not required when a Translucent, Saturated or Ultra-Saturated colour is selected. Use Classic 2 as the first coat and Classic 3 as the second/final coat.

CLASSIC 3: Sansin Classic 3 is the final coat in the Sansin Classic system.

CLASSIC NATURALS TOP COAT – An amber, penetrating, aqueous, and low-VOC top coat for wood surfaces previously treated with the original Sansin Classic in Exterior Natural colours. Water repellent and UV resistant. Classic Naturals Top Coat can also be used in place of the new Classic 3 when used as a top coat over Exterior Natural colours (Classic 1-2-3 finishing system).